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Spectrum, cost and energy trade-offs in optical networks (SCENE)

Growing traffic demands in optical networks require enormous investments for infrastructure deployment and upgrade. This drives up energy consumption in a way that makes telecom operators worry about electric bills, while the society and the whole ICT sector is concerned about the foreseen ecological implications.

Therefore, the attention of telecom operators is attracted by energy efficient solutions, which are capable to cope with the tremendous growth of the Internet traffic, do not require major investments in network infrastructure, and maximally utilize network’s physical resources e.g., all-optical nodes, fiber connections, and optical spectrum. Such solutions involve the joint optimization of network parameters. In this regard, spectral efficiency (SE) and energy efficiency (EE) are becoming the main metrics when networks are being upgraded for a higher throughput. However, they are conflicting criteria – the increase of one parameter leads to reduction of another and vice versa. Consequently, this ICT-TNG postdoc project mainly focuses on a unified design of spectrum, energy and cost efficient optical networks.

Key people

Aleksejs Udalcovs  , RISE Acreo AB