The recruitment of young talented faculty ("rising stars") enables them to initiate new research efforts and ensures the next generation of researchers and teachers in order to develop our knowledge and competitiveness for The Next Generation ICT systems.


ICT-The Next Generation

ICT and Mobile Communications are rapidly becoming indispensable components of our personal lives, industry, and society. ICT has the potential to be the key enabling technology that solves crucial problems in future energy consumption and generation, climate and environmental change, affordable healthcare, efficient transportation, and the inclusive society. ICT will continue to be a focus of European development policies, industrial interest, and user demand.

Success Stories

The SRA TNG is a platform that provides all the necessary conditions for the new faculty to be successful in their own research projects. Attracting and supporting promising “rising stars” in our organization is a key component in the KTH renewal strategy in the ICT-area. These new faculty are KTH’s future, the next generation of researchers, teachers, and potential research leaders. Their efforts are reflected on their research and innovative projects which are succinctly described in their "success stories".

Research Program

The consortium will target four key areas, addressing challenges in usability, scalability, and sustainability, that we believe are of paramount importance for the continued development of Sweden as a leading ICT nation:

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