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Secure 5G networks for transportation services

The vision of this project is to support the 5G technology for transportation services with adequate security enablers. To provide a safe and efficient transportation environment, the communication between vehicles, sensors, and infrastructures should be secured so that only authenticated parties can exchange and collect safety-relevant information delivered via Vehicle-to-Everything communication.

5G is expected to handle an unpredictable number of heterogeneous connected devices and to guarantee at least the same level of security provided by the contemporary wireless standards, including the Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) protocol. The current AKA protocol has not been designed to efficiently support a very large number of devices.

Thus, the goal of this project is to design and prototype a new group-based AKA protocol. In so doing, a vehicle can securely communicate with diverse sensors in a way that is efficient and transparent to the user. The novel protocol is expected to drastically reduce the transmission overhead of the whole authentication. It is also expected to considerably decrease the computational overhead of the central database that contains details of devices authorized to use the 5G network.

Key people

Mohamed Abdelraheem , SICS