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The thematic research areas within SRA ICT TNG

SRA ICT TNG is targeting five key thematic areas, addressing challenges in usability, scalability and sustainability, of paramount importance for the continued development of Sweden as a leading ICT nation.

Interactive ICT

Interaction between people has always been important, but the digital services and products significantly extend the possibilities herein from virtually all technical, social and cultural perspectives. These need to be designed to harmonise with and gracefully extend on our practices, behaviours, as well as our social, emotional, bodily and emotional needs and expressions. This includes for example natural language processing, movement-based interactions, data-driven social media services, or tools for creativity, work as well as cultural expressions.

ICT infrastructure

Low-cost, scalable systems solutions are essential for broadband access networks (both fixed and mobile). New access architectures and deployment schemes driven by “teleconomics” are key enablers. Reducing end-to-end latency for time-critical applications is an increasingly important challenge.

Cyber-physical systems

Cyber-physical systems, where the cyber infrastructure is tightly integrated with the physical environment through sensors and actuators, are emerging in every application domain. The “things” around us are not only monitored, but now also controlled to improve efficiency, lowering energy consumption and creating a safer environment. The huge number of embedded devices, products, and services need to secure, reliable, timely, and energy efficient as well as reasonable priced.

Data analytics

Data analytics creates value from the available data and future systems will collect huge amounts of data for various purposes. Methods for collecting, processing and analysing these data need to be efficient and scalable. There is furthermore a significant need of new and elaborated and flexible services building on these that while still respecting privacy concerns and protection measures against illegal and inadequate actions. The operation of future systems will heavily depend on the collected data and some of this collected data may contain personal information, data analytics can enhance the trustworthy of the system but it also has to be trustworthy itself respecting privacy aspects.

Data intensive computing

Much of the systems and methods in the above thematic areas will be implemented through a self-organizing distributed system, capable of handling a massive (global) scale deployment. This requires the management of computational, communication, storage, and energy resources of global scale.