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Privacy preserved internet traffic analytics

In future everything will be connected via the internet. This will cause large amounts of internet traffic of various kinds. Internet traffic measurements and analytics are necessary for an optimal operation and dimension of the network and provide huge opportunities for new and improved services. However, such measurements and analytics may result in a privacy problem.

Personal privacy is essential for the quality of life and is strongly protected by EC data protection laws. Since todays privacy protection technology is not mature enough, the potential of internet traffic analytics is often under-utilized due to fear of violating privacy protection laws. However, not all data is sensitive and consumers have different perception of what data is deemed to be private.

In this project we are going to study fundamental problems related to the optimal privacy versus utility trade-off in collection, storage, and analysis of internet traffic data. We will develop appropriate privacy measures and privacy enhancing methods as well as study the fundamental trade-offs. The innovative concepts will be tested in proof-of-concept experiments in the ACREO testbed.


Christina Lagerstedt , ACREO