Call for SRA ICT TNG faculty membership

In order to strengthen the SRA ICT TNG environment, we invite faculty from Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institutet of Technology with a strong research track record, in at least one of the SRA ICT TNG thematic areas to apply for SRA ICT TNG faculty membership.

Thematic research areas

The ICT TNG thematic areas are

  • Interactive ICT
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Data analytics
  • Dataintensive computing

Senior and junior faculty members

ICT TNG faculty members who were already faculty member (including forskarassistent) in 2009 will be senior ICT TNG faculty members and those who became faculty member since 2010 will be junior ICT TNG faculty members.

Beside the association with the ICT TNG, faculty members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Junior ICT TNG faculty members may apply as project leader for ICT TNG project funding.
  • All ICT TNG faculty members can apply for post-doc, workshop, and mobility grants.
  • As an ICT TNG faculty member you will be invited to future ICT TNG events.

Your responsibility

Your responsibility as an ICT TNG faculty member is to contribute to the environment, and actively participate or organize events.

How to apply

Your application should indicate:

  • which category (Junior or Senior ICT TNG faculty membership) you apply for
  • a short motivation why you are interested in becoming an ICT TNG faculty member
  • a brief summary of your ICT related research efforts
  • link to your CV

Your application will be assessed according to your scientific achievements and your thematic suitability to the strategic research area. To strengthen the environment, we expect from our new members to have pursued significant research efforts in the ICT domain and have experience from leading important research projects, e.g., by being principle investigator for grants from ERC, EU, KAW, SSF, VINNOVA, or VR.

If you are interested in becoming an ICT TNG faculty member, please apply to the ICT TNG Director Karl H. Johansson at .

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Last changed: Feb 06, 2018